Hapsung Medea Co., Ltd. is leading the development and production of semiconductor equipment parts, aviation defense parts, and power generation equipment parts with thorough quality and excellent performance based on the constant research and development spirit.

Hapsung Medea Co., Ltd. was launched in 1999 with the goal of the world's best corporate value.

Recognized for its experience and ability in the field of piping business of automobile parts, Hapsung Medea Co., Ltd. has advanced into the piping business of power generation facilities.

We are proud to have contributed a lot to the waste heat recovery system piping business of domestic and overseas cogeneration facilities.

In addition, we are proud that the continuous export performance from N/E Company in the United States by being recognized for the best technology in the piping business in the field of power generation equipment was also the result of the unity of all employees.

Also succeeding in the localization of piping business of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which has been dependent on imports, we continue to grow steadily.

A small but strong company, all employees of Hapsung Medea Co., Ltd. always retain the confidence "we can do it".

It was a valuable result of blossoming amid numerous difficulties and frustrations, and all employees of Hapsung Medea Co., Ltd. always retain the confidence "we can do it".

We also participated in the manufacture of Korea’s first combat helicopter in the engine piping business of the aerospace industry that we entered in 2008, which became an opportunity to raise our self-esteem.

In order to become the world's best technology company in the engine field of the aerospace industry, the power source for future growth, the CEO and all executives and employees will spare no effort, tears, and passion based on the trust of customers.

Thank you.