Quality Assurance

Quality Management Policy

Promise of Hapsung Medea

  • Securing excellent competitiveness by realizing strategic quality management

    It starts with changes in the thinking of the CEO.

  • Realization of quality management of customer satisfaction

    Quality is the rate of return and defines the quality from the perspective of customers

  • Practice of company-wide quality management priority thinking

    Nonconforming products are neither produced nor brought in or taken out.

Management goals

  • Achievement of sales target
  • Strengthening customer satisfaction through quality management
  • Maximization of delivery compliance rate and production efficiency
  • Profitability improvement and cost
  • Innovation through saving continuous improvement

Product safety declaration

  • Virtuous cycle management - Achievement of sales target

    Achievement of sales and export contract goals

  • Virtuous cycle management – Enhancement of customer satisfaction through quality management

    Less than 100PPM of customer nonconformity, continuous reduction of process nonconformity rate

  • Survival management - On time delivery

    Achievement of 100% delivery compliance rate

  • Substantial management - Maximization of production efficiency

    Production cost of 230 million won per person, at least 1 case per month of process improvement for each department

  • Substantial Management - Profitability improvement and cost reduction

    EKL sales ratio 70% or less, 3% reduction compared to the previous year's purchase amount

  • Substantial Management - Innovation with Continuous Improvement

    More than 1 improvement Individuals per month

Hapsung Medea CEO Lee Munyeong, Kim Yongam