Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance System

All products of Hapsung Medea Co., Ltd. promise a reliable quality guarantee.

We produce the best products based on a systematic quality assurance system.

Quality Management
  • MP

    Management Process


    Customer Oriented Process

  • SP

    Support Process


    Product Safety Process

  • Product development

    Collection of customer needs

    Approval for mass production

    Customer value realization

    Customer management

    Customer satisfaction management

  • Import inspection

    Product safety design

    Process inspection

    Respect for people

    Shipment inspection

    Customer management

Technical support service

Hapsung Medea Co., Ltd. has a lot of competent experts required for technical support, which contributes a lot to improving the durability and quality of products.
Being well aware of the damage caused by customer's production line stop or defective products when a product problem occurs, we are always thinking 'prompt after-service response in case of customer complaints as our first goal’ and doing our best to produce products.
In addition, Hapsung Medea Co., Ltd. has formed a team in charge of A/S to respond to problems with domestic and overseas exports.